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Side Effects of Peppermint Oil

Does Using Peppermint Oil Have Any Side Effects?

Peppermint and its oil should not be taken if a doctor is already treating the patient for gastro esophageal reflux disease. This includes heartburn, gallstones, acid reflux, and hernia. It is also not recommended for infants or children under a certain age. Women who are breastfeeding or pregnant should also refrain from taking Peppermint Oil. Other than this, Peppermint Oil is a safe and natural treatment. However, because Peppermint Oil can lower both blood sugar and blood pressure always check with a doctor before beginning any natural treatment routine. If any irritation occurs, quit using the Peppermint Oil full strength. Try diluting it into extra virgin olive oil. Although quite rare, there have been a few reported allergic reactions over the years. If anyone experiences any of the following symptoms, discontinue use. The reactions are difficulty breathing, swelling of the lips, a closing of the throat, or hives. This list is not all-inclusive. Therefore, be watchful for any sign of reaction.