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Growing Your Own Peppermint

General Information And Growing Your Own Peppermint

As one can see, Peppermint Oil is one of the most beneficial herbs known to humankind. This fact was known by our ancestors and is now being confirmed by modern science today. Peppermint is typically found growing in moist habitats. These habitats will include such places as the side of a stream, by a dripping outdoor faucet, or even around a drainage ditch. Keep in mind however that this is a hybrid plant, which means it is sterile. It will not produce seeds. Taking a cutting from an existing plant is the best way to start a new patch. Any seeds that are purchased in a store will not grow actual peppermint. In addition, the wild form of the plant actually produces less oil. The cultivated plants are selected for more and better oil content. However, the leaves of the wild plant have more of the vitamins and minerals associated with good health. Therefore, both versions are equally as effective as a health aid. It is best to use the wild plants for teas and the cultivated ones for oil.

As consumers become more aware of the health risks associated with harsh synthetic medications today, they are turning to the natural methods used by our ancestors. These natural herbs, spices, barks, roots, and plants have been used effectively for many thousands of years. Their usage is well documented in cultures around the world. In fact, they are still used in many cultures today as a first choice. The people in China will choose an herbal remedy before they move on to harsh synthetic drugs. In India, it takes as much time to become a Doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery as it takes to get any other type of medical degree. Ayurvedic Medicine takes the most advantage of natural healing from nature. Peppermint Oil is a natural healing from nature.